Indulging in a boxful of freshly made chocolates….

Freshly made exquisite chocolates and ....
Freshly made exquisite chocolates and ….

Once  in a while to indulge ourselves, we would treat ourselves to freshly made chocolates. Though one can have millions of different types or choices of chocolates from the local supermarkets, still the taste of freshly made chocolates are never the same as the ones that you buy from supermarkets. Especially if they are made by a chocolatier who is excited about her products. 🙂 Need I say that these are delicious? These also proved to be great gifts for my family and friends back home :D.

The only shop that we know which sells freshly made chocolates and macaroons is the one on Rondo Shopping Centre.image

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  1. Delicious art! I think I might become a nuisance in a store like that. 🙂

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    • You won’t be the only one, Willy Nilly! 😉 We are always excited when we go there. 😀 Fortunately, the store owner who is the chocolatier, is as happy and enthusiastic as us! 🙂


  2. Freshly made chocolates are so hard to find, what a treat!! They look amazing.

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