BAck To SchooL!!

Back To School

Back To School

All schools in Bosnia & Herzegovina starts in September, like most schools in Europe. After a long summer, many children were excited to return to school, my daughter is no exception. 😉

Ps- For those looking for English books, including children’s books, below is the shop we often frequent. Though limited, they do have great selection.

Šahinpašić Bookstore

Šahinpašić Bookstore



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  1. Glad your daughter was happy to be back at school! Hope you’ve enjoyed some wonderful times in the school holidays together 🙂 Being “upside down” here in Perth our long holiday is from about mid December to the beginning of February. What a good idea to share the bookshop details – it would be very useful for international students. Wishing your daughter a very happy year at school 🙂

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