“…. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein

Resting Food Places along Jablanica Town

Resting Food Places along Jablanica Town

Modernization in many Europe areas comes with a price. If one is fortunate, one is able to experience the remnants of authentic Middle Ages. Nothing to patch-up, if you catch my drift. That things have been done the same way since Middle Ages and have remained relatively untouched for many a centuries. The resting tavern by the main travelling road that still have the tradition of roasting the whole cattle on a stake. In the old days, both the stake that pierce through the meat and the water-mill wheel would have been made of wood. Nowadays, it is of course made of metal. With a little imagination, one can whisk oneself back through time.

And if eating meat is healthy, this must be one of the best way.😉  Grass fed cattle, turning over the spit fire powered by a water-mill, slowly cooked to perfection, only to melt in your mouth…

imageThe facades of one of the stone built houses that looked as it came from a picture from one of Grimms’ fairy tales book.

So artists, … writers, …. painters or people who just love stories, take your time to revel in the atmosphere and with just a little imagination ……,

View from Jablanica and Mostar, Movie crew from Asia shooting scenes.

View from Jablanica and Mostar, Movie crew from Asia shooting scenes.

just maybe might give you some inspiration ……

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  1. Grass fed cattle, succulent and freshly crisped sounds divine 🙂

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  2. Another fascinating insight into life in Bosnia! I would have to pass on the meat as I tend to eat just chicken and fish (and lots of vegetables of course!) but good to see the traditional methods being preserved and must be healthier than modern hormone fed animals! The house facades do indeed look as if they come straight from a medieval fairytale. I can see why the film crew would choose this as a good location setting – the views are stunning! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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  3. very nice, as usual!! and it left me hungry and wanting again…;)

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  4. Your photographs are awesome. They capture the natural environment and the spirit of the location magically. I would love to visit these places so rich in tradition. Thank you for sharing these. Great post. Makes me want to travel!

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