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“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”- Paul Prudhomme

Slow cooked in buried burning charcoal

Slow cooked in buried burning charcoal

Cattle meat simmered with fresh local veggies, slowly cooked, buried in burning charcoal..

,melts in your mouth , washed down with excellent local wine or local beer from mini brewery, enjoying mountain breeze, that would be one of our favourite meals that we have over here……

Our favourite wines:

  • Blatina (red wine)
  • Žilavka (white wine)

Both types of wines are favored by locals  in this region.

We preferred the ones from Stojić vineyards.

A great unpretentious meal…

Platter for 2.

Platter for 2.

Sometimes, all we need is a platter of grilled meat and vegetables, all ingredients fresh from surrounding farms. A great desert is always a good finishing touch, of course.

My favourite desert would be ‘tufahija’, that is, cooked apple, stuffed with crushed walnuts and topped with fresh cream.

My husband’s and my daughter’s would be ‘hurmašica’, a sweet local pastry.

Nb- the “feast fit for royalty’ is regrettably postponed due to my husband’s work schedule as we would need quite a drive to reach our destination. Will update all soon on the home page. Look out for the date, it is definitely not a meal to be missed if you are in Bosnia! 🙂 In my humble opinion. …


An afternoon repast.


Golden brown light pillowy buttery “peksimet” as the local called these. Similar to doughnuts or in Asia “油条”, if you love freshly made ones, these are in my opinion hard to beat.

The dollop of cream, locally called ” Kajmak ” is a form of sour cream. Goes with the cheese, which comes straight from the surrounding countryside,and the naturally smoked preserved thin slices of meat. All these are made to be savoured while enjoying the breeze and the sun.

Pictures taken @ the restaurant Sadrvan. Sadrvan Restaurant @ Old Bridge of Mostar. Well known among locals for great food and great service.

Sadrvan Restaurant @ Old Bridge of Mostar. Well known among locals for great food and great service.

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