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A morning ritual…


The ritual of drinking coffee in Sarajevo lasts nearly five hundred years, not much less than this city exists. No surprise because coffee and coffeehouses are an inseparable part of life in the city. The first coffeehouse was opened in Sarajevo in 1534, right after the one that had been opened in Istanbul. After the ones in Sarajevo, coffeehouses were opened in other European cities,  ..” Excerpt from History of Sarajevo, author Jasminko Halilovic.

So for coffee lovers out there, this is a must to savor! In Europe, this is where it all began. It’s all about the coffee….. Ps- You can find great traditional coffee @ Restaurant Sadrvan and Restaurant Europa @ the old bridge of Mostar. There are many more places I’m sure. But currently, these 2 places are our fav.s. Enjoy!

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