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A note on Bosnia and Herzegovina


Historical Map of Europe during crusade eras 1090s to 1200s - Library of University of Texas.

Historical Map of Europe during crusade eras 1090s to 1200s – Library of University of Texas.

Why the long name? For a small country, that is. 🙂 Well, Bosnia is the northern part of the country where you can find rich lands steeped in agriculture and mountainous areas, the southern part is known as the sunny part. So if you are like me, one who needs plentiful sun, never forget about the Herzegovina part! 😉

According to old historical maps, one can see Bosnia and Herzegovina existed as early as 1200s. (See red arrow pointing above.)

A tiny kingdom, full of hardy creative people, which last all the way up to the Yugoslavian era. One has to admire the fact that when Yugoslavia broke into pieces, majority of the weapons were in Serbia, the people of Bosnia not only managed to survive but also defended themselves with pitiful old WWII weapons before Dayton Agreement finally came into place.

“Bosnian – A native or inhabitant of the Balkan country Bosnia and Herzegovina.” – Oxford Dictionary.

The above mentioning about people of Bosnia, doesn’t just include the Muslims. It also includes Catholics and Orthodox Bosnians. They are known as Bosnians Croats and Bosnian Serbs respectively. I, however, rather refer to them as Bosnians Catholics and Bosnians Orthodox or in short Bosnians as they are all born in Bosnia. I think these people who did their part in defending Bosnia and it’s people are often left out being mentioned to give a rather one sided view.

Looking at the different empire influences, it is not hard to imagine some got influences from the Austrian Hungarian empire more, others more from Byzantine, and some others by Ottoman Empire etc., and along the way converted to different religions respectively.

Through time people became entrenched in certain influences and it was easy for anybody to just come along and sow seeds of discontent and fears, and many people just got caught up with the series of spiraling events in those moments.

It is to be hoped that with the age of information becoming easily available that it will be harder for those with hidden agendas to spark or ignite hatred. However, easily available information also has it’s drawbacks. It is also harder for people to ascertain facts or myths as there are so many information out there and many of them are colored or backed by people with hidden agendas.

In 1996, when I first visited Sarajevo, standing in the midst of a huge football field, which was turned into space for burial as the cemeteries were fully occupied, seeing a few generations wiped out, I could feel goosebumps raised along my arms. It is a constant reminder to me that no matter how tough life can be, it is a gift in which lessons can be learnt and that I have the opportunity to live and learn and to be productive. At least, I have the opportunity. It is with huge sadness that these people who were just discovering life in their teens and 20s did not. Are we not wasting occupying spaces on earth during our time if we do not contribute in any small way a positive impact. Doesn’t have to a major global change, can be as just as simple as planting a flower or ………

Today, Sarajevo is touted as ” … …. now among Europe’s safest capitals. ” – Excerpt from Travel National Geographic Traveler Magazine , Best Trips 2014.

And Bosnia National Football Team has qualified to be in Brazil World Cup.

Source : Unknown From Ashes to Dragons. The name of the team is appropriately given as 'zmajevi' meaning 'dragons'

Source : Unknown
From Ashes to Dragons. The name of the team is appropriately given as ‘zmajevi’ meaning ‘dragons’

Much has changed though I always believe in the theory that one can always improve ………. 😉

John Lennon famous song “Imagine” drifted through me poignantly:

“Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people Living life in peace……….”

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