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BAck To SchooL!!

Back To School

Back To School

All schools in Bosnia & Herzegovina starts in September, like most schools in Europe. After a long summer, many children were excited to return to school, my daughter is no exception. 😉

Tale of the wood artisans in Konjic ….Part I

Wood Artisans in Konjic

Wood Artisans in Konjic

The idyllic town of Konjic is well known among the locals for its famous wood artisans historically.

Providentially, there still exist 2 families descended from one of the famous wood artisans, each with their unique styles though using similar traditional techniques.

Most of the wood pieces crafted here are beautiful cherry wood, lovely walnut and of course the magnificent oak wood.

For those who, like us, enjoyed items which are lovingly and skillfully hand crafted piece by piece, …….

Handcrafted Wood Pieces

Handcrafted Wood Pieces

Dive from the old bridge. Part II – The Challenge.


Diving traditions in Mostar is internationally well-known for their 2 distinctive styles. One is diving feet first, called “Let” meaning ” To fly”. The other is head dive, called “Lasta”, meaning “Swallow” dive, just like the swallow when it dives.

There was a dive known as “Labud”, meaning ” Swan” but it had became obsolete due to occurrences of injuries. This dive requires extreme precision technique.

This year competition includes 60 divers,18 head dives and the rest diving feet first. The youngest one being 17.5 years old.


Kindly note that under age of 18 needs parental written consent. All dives from the old bridge needs permission from Diving Association of Mostar.

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