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An Extreme Necessity!

Mepas Mall, Mostar.

Mepas Mall, Mostar.

Growing up with malls all around you, one tends to think that having a mall in your neighborhood is an extreme necessity, that is my perspective. 😉 My husband would disagree, of course. 😀

Fortunately for me, there are not just a few shopping areas such as Piramida, Merkator, Rondo T. C.; there is also a proper mall, i.e. Mepas Mall.

And the mall also boasts a cozy cinema equipped with the latest visual and sound system, which easily rivals those in the neighborhoods of  Singapore or New York. Thankfully, most foreign movies are shown in its respective languages. Exception are children movies which are translated directly into the local language.

Mepas Mall is located near Centre Dva, Mostar.

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