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“… the color of winter is in the imagination.” ~ Terri Guillemets

Winter in Ruišta

Snowball fights, sleigh rides, building a snowman or an igloo are some of our favourite winter activities! Winter is a great time for reflections and planning. With many activities, it is, as well, an excellent time not just for the kids but for the adults, too, I feel! 😃

So if you happen to see 2 ladies shrieking while sliding down one of Rujište hills on a red sleigh last weekend, that would probably be me and my daughter’s teacher! 😉

“Think Globally, Act locally..”

Global Education


Best education to give any child was a global perspective… , to be comfortable where ever one resides, that is one of our beliefs. 😉

Before coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina, our then 3 year old daughter thought that fruits came from supermarkets…

As Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is rich in agriculture, it was not long she learned how to differentiate a fig tree from other fruit trees.

We were fortunate to meet craftsmen, who kindly and with great patience show us their crafts. Best time to go would be during late autumn as they would have more time. Summer is usually quite hectic as the craftsmen are usually loaded with a lot of orders. It was a fun and interesting experience for our daughter!

So when in BiH, enjoy! “Think Globally, Act Locally!” 🙂

The swallow flys...

Dive from the old bridge. Part II – The Challenge.


Diving traditions in Mostar is internationally well-known for their 2 distinctive styles. One is diving feet first, called “Let” meaning ” To fly”. The other is head dive, called “Lasta”, meaning “Swallow” dive, just like the swallow when it dives.

There was a dive known as “Labud”, meaning ” Swan” but it had became obsolete due to occurrences of injuries. This dive requires extreme precision technique.

This year competition includes 60 divers,18 head dives and the rest diving feet first. The youngest one being 17.5 years old.


Kindly note that under age of 18 needs parental written consent. All dives from the old bridge needs permission from Diving Association of Mostar.

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