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Dive from the old bridge. Part I – A leap of faith

 Diving from the old bridge, Stari Most, started almost 5 centuries earlier, 448 years to be exact. It was considered to be a rite of passage into manhood, achieving feats of bravery, winning a certain lady’s favour,….kind of like knight jousting ceremony, except that it is a diving ceremony.

For me, with my aversion towards height, it is with awe that I watched the diver standing on the edge of the bridge ledge 24 metres high from the river. The diver took several slow breaths and then he executed an elegant dive towards the fast flowing cold river.

Every summer, there is an international diving competition from this bridge. This year, 2014, it will be held on the 28th of July.

Ps: Even professional divers have to be careful.

Football passions reign through streets of Bosnia….

World Cup 2014 in the streets of Bosnia and Herzegovina

World Cup 2014 in the streets of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Streets in the cities of Bosnia aligned with cafés full of patrons in a celebratory mood, viewing current live sport events on projected screens. Even if one is not into sports, one cannot help being pulled into the vortex of excitement ….. 🙂

Ps- Football seasons in Bosnia starts in August. Zenica stadium holds the majority matches for national team usually.

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